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In Belarus, the opportunities for businesses to receive cash at banks' cash desks are expanding

In Belarus, opportunities for obtaining cash from cash in banks' cash desks are expanding. The relevant decisions were approved by the resolutions of the National Bank Board of May 25, 2018 235, and also on May 25, 2018 236, which come into force simultaneously on June 8, 2018, BelTA learned from the Information and Public Relations Department of the National Bank.

In Belarus, business entities are granted the right to receive cash in Belarusian rubles at the banks' cash desks for relevant applications not only from current (settlement), but also from other bank accounts. Earlier, to receive money from other bank accounts, checks were used from checkbooks, the use of which was gradually canceled.

"Expanding the use of applications for cash will allow for a simpler and less expensive way of obtaining cash in banks compared to checks from checkbooks," the National Bank explained.

Simultaneously, due to the fact that banks still have a stock of not issued to customers checkbooks, and customers have issued, but not yet used by them so far checkbooks, the right is reserved to apply in practice the available check books to their full use . At the same time, the check is filled and used in the order indicated on the back of the cover of the checkbook and the check must be presented for cash receipt within 10 days, not counting the day of its issue by the checker.

In addition, within the framework of the execution of Decree No. 7 by Decrees No. 235 and No. 236, business entities are granted the right not to use seals in the performance of cash transactions and the use of check books to receive cash.

Also, by resolution No. 235, business entities are given the right to independently take measures to ensure the safety of cash in cash, when they are delivered to banks (from banks).

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