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The quality of roads in the Minsk region should be given serious attention - Evseev

The issue of the quality of roads in the Minsk region is among the most relevant in the appeals of citizens, therefore it remains under constant control of the leadership of the region. The assistant to the President of Belarus, inspector in the Minsk region, Igor Yevseyev, told reporters today after an on-site personal reception of citizens in Berezino, BelTA informs.

"At the moment, the number of citizens appealing on the quality of roads has increased, so the issue is under the control of the regional executive committee. Much more money has been allocated for the improvement of roads in the Minsk region and in the whole region, I and the governor regularly make a detour. I think the roads will only improve every year, "the presidential aide said.

In part of the improvement of roads, he added, a lot of attention is paid to the creation of green spaces. Saplings are planted, and to reduce costs, young plants dug under power lines are placed at selected sites.

Igor Evseev drew attention to the improvement of transport links in the area, for the convenience of movement of citizens in the region more than 90 buses were purchased. Another positive trend is a decrease in the number of citizens' appeals for the export of household waste and, as a result, a decrease in the number of spontaneous landfills in the region.

More than a year, while Igor Evseev holds the position of Assistant to the President - Inspector of the Minsk Region, he received about 50 people with questions. Moreover, he stressed, people deal with a variety of problems, both usual and unusual. An example of this is the current reception of citizens. Land issues are among the traditional ones for most of the meetings of Igor Yevseyev with local residents. A resident of the garden association "Veras-91" of the Logoisk District complained that the neighbors had incorrectly installed the fence and thus seized part of its land. With a similar question came a man from Berezino. In his opinion, the neighbor's fence made of metal is installed too close to his fence, so he can not paint and maintain it. Igor Evseev promised to study the appeal in more detail.

A resident of Berezino, whose husband was killed at work, would like to receive payments for the loss of the breadwinner. To do this, you must submit a certificate of residence and family of the deceased. Given that she and her husband were registered at different addresses, this document was not issued to her. Igor Evseev listened to the applicant and promised to give her an answer after an expert opinion on this issue.

After receiving the citizens Igor Evseev will study the course of agricultural work. According to him, the Minsk region plans to complete them before November 7. "By this time we will finish harvesting corn for grain, plow the plowing, introduce organic matter," he said.

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