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Week of institutions of additional education started in Minsk region

A week of institutions of additional education for children and youth started today in the Minsk region, BelTA learned from the Minsk Regional Institute of Education Development.

"In all the centers of the region's creativity, activities are planned within the framework of the Year of Science, as well as large-scale socially significant events aimed at preserving the historical and cultural heritage, developing folk traditions, fostering the love of the Fatherland, maintaining their creative initiative, environment of the younger generation, "the institute noted.

For example, in Molodechno in the Center for Children's and Youth Creativity "Maladzik" is planned to hold flash mob "We can do that", dedicated to the Year of Science. On the basis of this institution, the presentation of the work of the youth parliament, demonstration performances of ship modelers, exhibitions of decorative and applied, visual and technical creativity, familiarity with the business company "Success", master classes, etc. are also planned. Interesting events were prepared this year by the Center for Children's and Youth Creativity of the Borisov district, which will offer visitors master classes, concert and entertainment programs, an advertising action "Fashion for creativity", an exhibition of works of decorative and technical creativity, a presentation of UNESCO's club " Youth Parliament ", demonstration performances of dance ensemble" Reverence ", sports relay race" Merry Marathon ", chance-quiz" Cascade of pleasures ", etc.

A new form of holding a week of institutions of additional education in the Center for Children's Creativity of the Nesvizh district will be the work of the children's playground "Igroland", where the students will be offered rides prepared by teachers. For the children being treated in the Nesvizh central district hospital, they organize a smile-action "A small heart is a piece of a big one". In all microdistricts of the city will be held promotional actions "Let the children laugh", within the framework of which concert programs, exhibitions of works of decorative and applied creativity are planned.

In the Slutsk Children's Creativity Center, the showcase "In the world of interests and hobbies" will be a unique opportunity for children and parents to get acquainted with new areas of activity of interest associations, achievements of students and teachers, and schedule of classes. Saturated and fascinating for the children promises to become a creative workshop "University of zatey": they will be able to participate in master classes and make their own souvenirs. The culmination of the week will be the brand-show "Vivat, the empire of childhood!". For guests and residents of the regional center of the district's additional education, they will present their creative sites in various areas of activity.

In the Center for Creativity of Children and Youth of Dzerzhinsky district during the week, the children will be able to participate in the "Discover Wonders" quest game, where they are expected to have master classes and creative assignments. Exhibitions of works of arts and crafts, open days, thematic excursions for students, teachers and parents, the presentation of associations of interests, master classes, cognitive-game programs - all this and much more awaits guests at the Center for Creativity of Children and Youth of Soligorsk district.

The novelties of the week at the Center for Creativity, Tourism and Excursions in Zhodino will be events dedicated to the Day of Belarusian Written Language: an ethnopanorama "Z folk dances", a historical digression "Zamlya z blakitnymi vachyma", etc.

Week of institutions of additional education for children and youth is held in the Minsk region from September 4 to 9 under the motto "Additional education in the Minsk region: come, choose, create!".

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