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Slutsk State Museum of Local Lore
Address: 171 Lenina Street, Slutsk, Minsk oblast, 223610
Director: Natalia Serik
Phone/Fax: +3751795-53712
E-mail: museum.slutsk@tut.by
Chief accountant: Natalia Antonova
Phone/Fax: +3751795-53712 
Phone: +3751795- 57232
Museum stocks’ keeper: Ludmila Shkurskaya
Phone: +3751795- 57232, +3751795-29582
The museum stocks include 27 800 items.    
Collections:  “Archeology”, “Bonistics”, “Vexillology”, “Applied and Decorative Arts”, “Documents”, “Painting”, “Graphics”, “Postcards”,  “Leaflets, Booklets”, “Numismatics”, “Clothing”, “Books, Brochures”, “Sculpture”, “Glass, Chinaware”, “Faleristics”, “Philately”, “Deltiology”, “Ethnography” and others. 

Museum of Local Lore

Address: 171 Lenina Street, Slutsk
Phone:   +3751795- 57232
Working hours:  10am – 6pm
Exposition: The history of the Slutsk region from the ancient time to the present days.
Description: The museum exposition features ancient instruments of labour, ceramics, unique chess pieces made of bone and wood, stone and amber crosses (12th century), fragments of the Slutsk belts, glass, tapestry and others. 
Excursions: “Ancient town on the Sluch River”, “Main events of the 20th century”, “Slutsk gymnasium is the oldest Belarus’ school”, “Slutsk belts”, “Famous countrymen”, “Slutsk region during Great Patriotic War”, “Space explorationand Slutsk region”,“Nature” and others.


Ethnography Museum
Address: 153 Lenina street, Slutsk
Phone:   +3751795- 20270
Working hours:  10am – 6pm
Days-off:  Sunday, Monday  
Exposition: “The life and labour activities of the peasants of the Slutsk region in the 19th – early 20th century”. 
The exposition includes national costumes, household articles, weaving, canework, and woodwork. 
Excursions: “Mechanical and industrial arts in the Slutsk region”, “Interior of traditional peasant’s house”, “Linen in peasants’ life”. 

Art Gallery

Address: 2 Kopylskaya Street, Slutsk
Phone: +3751795- 22996
Working hours: 10.00-18.00 Tuesdays-Saturdays
There are four exhibition and 40-seat lecture halls in the art gallery.
Description: exhibitions of paintings and graphics of the contemporary Belarusian and foreign artists.
Excursions: Slutsk artists, Young Hopes, Picture’s Light Breathing, Soul of Watercolor, etc.

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