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Tourist services

Tourist services in the Slutsk region are provided by the Children and Youth Tourism and Local Lore Station subordinate to the educational department.
Address: 293 Lenina Street, Slutsk
Director: Vladimir Pazderin
Phone: (+3751795)-59141, (+37529)-5610417
Head of the excursion department: Valentina Turitsa
Phone: (+3751795)-59298, (+37529)6440631
Major goals:
- full study of the region and further tourism development
- moral and esthetic education among the youth
- patriotic education through tourism
Tours of the Slutsk region
An Ancient Town of Slutsk, a tour of the town of Slutsk with the visits to the St Mikhail Cathedral and the St Anthony Church, a local lore museum and an art gallery.
The Slutsk Region on Fire, the events of the Great Patriotic War in the town of Slutsk, the Slutsk region. Khatyn Sisters, a memorial in the village of Perekhody.
The Partisan Lyuban Region, the events of the Great Patriotic War in the Slutsk and Lyuban regions, a tour of Lyuban, a visit to the local lore museum. The Zyslov Island, a memorial with an aerodrome and dugouts.

Tours of Belarus

The arrangement of excursions depend on the age group
To Minsk, the Capital of Belarus, theaters, museums, a planetarium, exhibitions, the National Library.
Architectural Sites of Nesvizh and Mir, the town hall, a Roman Catholic Church, the Palace and Park Ensemble at Nesvizh. The castle: a tower, a prison, a burial chapel and a lake in the settlement of Mir.
The Riches of Polesie, the town of Turov, Zamkovaya Gora, Sts Boris and Hleb cemetery, the Church of All Saints. The House of Nature of the Pripyatsky national park, the Local Lore Museum. A boat trip along the Pripyat River.
The birthplace of Adam Mitskevich, the Mir Castle. A tour of Novogrudok, a visit to the Adam Mitskevich Literature Museum. Svityaz Lake.
To Polotsk, the Town with Great Past, a tour of the town. St Sophia Cathedral. St Euphrosyne Convent. The museums of the town. The Berezino biosphere reserve.
To Zhirovichi, the Center of Belarus’ Orthodoxy, a tour of the monastery, cathedrals, a seminary. A visit to a baptismal fount.
To the western borders of Belarus, a tour of the town of Brest, the museums of the town. Belovezhskaya Pushcha: a house of nature, open-air cages. The town of Kamenets.
The Remote Past Starts Speaking, the Stalin Line memorial. A tour of the Minsk fortified area of the 1930s. No One is Forgotten, Nothing is Left Aside – the Khatyn Memorial, the Mound of Glory, the Museum of Great Patriotic War in Minsk.

Inbound tourism

Programs for groups of foreign travelers. Booking in hotels, tourist centers, farmsteads and lodges. Reservations in cafes and restaurants. Excursions.
Outbound tourism
Booking of tours to Europe, Kiev, St Petersburg, Ukraine.