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Foreign and Economic Activity

Companies and organizations of the Slutsk region cooperate with many countries. The Slutsk-based Emalposuda Company supplies its products (cast iron dishes, plumbing and sports equipment) to Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moscow; the Slutskie Poyasa Company supplies womens garments to the USA and the Netherlands; the Metallist Company exports fire-extinguishers to St. Petersburg,  the Slutsk Plant of Hoisting-and-Conveying Machinery exports overhead traveling cranes to Latvia and Moscow; the Slutsk Forestry exports timber materials to Poland, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania, Latvia.

The Slutsk Clothing Factory produces clothing under tolling contracts.

Some 15 companies and organizations of the Slutsk region export their products. The biggest exporters of the region are the Slutsk Sugar Mill which exports 35% of the total production to Moscow, the Slutsk Cheese-Making Plant (37.7%) to Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Slutsk Meat-Packing Plant (21%)  to Moscow and St. Petersburg

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