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Recreational bath complex
Recreational bath complex is located in the central area of Slutsk at 1 Monakhova Street. The capacity of the complex is 207 seats.

The complex consists of:

3 sections with steam-room (2 for men, and one for women)
9 separate shower rooms (2 single seated for disabled, 1 double-seated, 6 single seated)
3 bathroom sections (1 two-seated and 2 single seated)
2 luxury departments (6-8 seats each)

Working hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 9h00 to 22h00.

The complex also offers:

Barbers shop
Buffet for 48 seats
Fitness club
Mens and womens beauty shop

Post Address: 1 Monakhova Street, Slutsk; Phone: (+3751795) 5-54-16 
Juridical Address: 23 Pionerskaya Street, Slutsk; Phone:  (+3751795) 5-36-67

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